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Netgear Router VPN Issues

Common issues with Netgear VPN

Parameters may be configured differently on both sites
Two LANs set up with similar or overlapping addressing schemes.
Mistyped information or mismatched parameter selections.

Netgear VPN Client issues

  • Make sure no more than one VPN client including Cisco, Checkpoint and Safenet installed on the same computer.
  • Be sure to configure the VPN for connection to "a single IP address" instead of "a subnet".
  • Make sure no software firewall (such as Norton Firewall, ZoneAlarm, or Windows XP Firewall) on the VPN Client block VPN traffic.

Troubleshooting VPN issues

You can troubleshoot VPNissues using the VPN status and log details on the Netgear router to

determine if IKE negotiation is working.


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