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Printer Driver Installation Security Issues

Cannot connect to printer, Access denied

By default, the security settings for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 allow users who are not members of the local Administrators group to install only trustworthy printer drivers, such as those provided with Windows or in digitally signed printer-driver packages. In other words, sometimes regular users may not be able to install the driver for a network printer with “Cannot connect to printer” or “Access denied” message.

Resolution: 1. installing printer-driver packages on the print server. In most cases, the printer-driver packages that is downloaded from the printer vendor are digitally signed printer drivers.  Installing all the components of the driver on the printer server will help regular users to install a network shared printer.

2. Install printer as local printer first and then re-map it as network printer. By design, clients will download and install printer-driver packages from a print server. However, the client computers do not check the driver's digital signature or install all components of the driver into the driver store because the client operating system does not support these features. For this reason, you may want to install the printer in the local computer using LTP1 and then re-map it as a shared printer. The more details can be found in this post: Cannot connect to the printer, access denied

3. Using Group Policy to deploy printer connections to users or computers Print Management. With Group Policy, you can deploy printer connections to users or computers Print Management so that the Policy will add printer connections to the Printers folder automatically, without requiring the user to have local Administrator privileges. For more information, please refer to this page: How to deploy printers to users or computers by using Group Policy

Using Group Policy to modify printer driver security settings.

You can also use the Point and Print Restrictions Group Policy setting to control how users can install printer drivers from print servers. With this setting, you allow users to connect to only specific print servers that you trust. Please refer to this how to: How to modify the Point and Print Restrictions setting

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Bob Lin Photography services

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