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Server FAQs

Canít see the RAM more than 4GB
Boot freezes on ACPITABLE.DATA
How to run/stop a program at a specified time without logon
How to designate an external time source on DC
My PDC doesn't take the time from external time server
Not synchronize time with time server
Roaming Profile Issues

Server aliases' share folders cannot be displayed
Server restarting every night at 3am
Several PDF files aren't replicated between two DFS replicas
The disk id offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online
Troubleshooting Server Performance
Vista or Windows 2003 reports less RAM than you expect
What can DFS do
What can't Web Server do
Where is Global Catalog

MVP Server Post Collections


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Re: history of when users changed their passwords

Re: home folders

Re: Hosting DNS

Re: How can I add a SPC to IE 6.0 so that all users get the cert

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Re: How is security setup between the scm database and the services

Re: How much available memory should you have?

Re: How to find out what IP connected via Remote Desktop

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Re: Limitation of user (Lotus Notes)

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RE: Need help with Spooler service crashes

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Re: Need to forward MX record, but to which server?

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Re: will need any scipt.

RE: will need any scipt.

Re: Win 2003 R2 sfc /scannow prompts for CDs

Re: Win2K3R2SP1/wmiprivse consumes 50% cpu time/AllocateHeap never returns

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Re: Windows Server 2003 Error

RE: Windows Server 2003 R2

Re: Windows Server 2003 Windows Time Sync

Re: windows vista messenger service

RE: Windows ďScheduled Task WizardÖ..Ē

Re: WMI CPU Utilization


Canít see the RAM more than 4GB

1. Windows 2000/2003 Standard server supports 4GB RAM only.
2. If you have Windows Advanced/Enterprise and Datacenter servers, you may need to add /3GB or /PAE switch on boot.ini file.

How to run/stop a program at a specified time without logon

You can use scheduler to run/stop a program as a service without logon.

How to designate an external time source on DC

You can configure the Time service on the PDC operations master at the root of the forest to recognize an external Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time server as authoritative by using the following net time command, where server_list can be a SNTP time server, DNSName or IP, for example net time /setsntp:time.windows.com

After you set the SNTP time server as authoritative, you can add or create a logon script including net time /your domain name /set command.

My PDC doesn't take the time from external time server

At the command prompt, type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each command:

net stop w32time
net start w32time

What can DFS do

DFS can be used to create one logical file system out of multiple physical systems. With DFS, you can create a single directory tree that including multiple file servers and file shares in a group so that users can find files or folders across the whole network easily.

What can't Web Server do

The Windows 2003 Web Server can't run AD and therefore, the Web Edition alone can't be used perform IAS, RIS

Where is Global Catalog

The Global Catalog is created automatically on the initial domain controller in the forest. You can change the default location of the Global Catalog to another domain controller.


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