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Terminal Server

Because of a protocol error, detected at the client (code 0x1104) this session will
be disconnected

Cutting and pasting to and from a remote session
End a disconnected session automatically
How to Configure Group Policy Object for Terminal Services Servers
Setup a user or group to log on to TS
Troubleshooting Terminal Server Issues
What's different between Logoff and Disconnect
Which port does Terminal Server use for client connection

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For how to configure TS users' connection and display settings, visit this web site: http://www.howtonetworking.com/server/tsgrouppolicy1.htm.

Cutting and pasting to and from a remote session

Many Remote Desktop and Terminal Server connections provide clipboard sharing, allowing you to cut and paste from programs running in your Remote Desktop session to programs running on your local computer. You can paste the information from the Clipboard into any document as often as you like. However, the information is only stored on the Clipboard temporarily. The shared clipboard synchronizes its contents with the local clipboard. You can copy and paste text or graphics from a document within the Remote Desktop Connection window, and paste it into a document on your local computer.

End a disconnected session automatically

To end a disconnected session automatically, you may want to enable Override user settings under User session or RDP-Tcp Properties and select End session and setup the End a disconnected session time.

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Setup a user or group to log on to TS

1. For a domain user account, open AD Users and Computers, and for the a local user, open Computer Management>Local Users and Groups. Double-click the user, on the Terminal Services Profile, check the Allow logon to the terminal server.
2. Open TS Configuration>Connections, right-click RDP-TCP and select properties>Permission to add the user or group.

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What's different between Logoff and Disconnect

Logoff terminates TS session and all resources are returned to the Server. Disconnect closes your TS, but leaves your session (with its applications and data) running on the TS. If you reconnect to the Server before the disconnection timer (defined in Connection Configuration or User Manager) goes off, you'll return to the same TS desktop you had before disconnecting.

Which port does Terminal Server use for client connection

By default Terminal Server and Windows 2000 Terminal Services uses TCP port 3389 for client connections. Microsoft does not recommend that this value be changed. However, if it becomes necessary to change this port, follow these instructions (Note: additional ports used by win2000 services is 445).


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