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Virtual Network issue in Hyper-V server - Resolution with screenshots


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Hyper-V Virtual network Case Collections
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Hyper-V Virtual network Case Collections


Case 1: the VM has a network issue and can't access the Internet.


Cause: We found the Network adapter has an error. Re-configure it.


Case 2: The Network Adapter in VM shows Configuration Error as shown below.


Cause: The client was configured a multihomed computer, one NIC connects to the Internet and another NIC connects to the private LAN.  He has remove the Internet NIC from the Hyper-V so that the VM Network shows this error. Re-configure the Network Adapter to using the Private NIC.


Hper-V network issue


Case 2:  The client received No active network adapter found in the Hyper-V. Please refer to this post.

No active network adapters found in Hyper-V


Case 3: The virtual NIC becomes unresponsive. Please refer to this post for the resolution. Hyper-V Network connection dies randomly


Case 4: I just installed Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-V enabled. If I don't create Virtual network, both NICs connecting to LAN and SAN work fine. If I create virtual network for both LAN and SAN, virtual LAN work fine but not SAN virtual network. The SAN virtual network can't access the SAN and other computer in the SAN can't ping the server SAN IP. If I disable the SAN virtual network, the server can access the SAN. I posted the screen here: http://www.chicagotech.net/server/hyper-v6.htm


Resolution: please refer this post: Network doesn't work after creating Virtual network

Case 5: I'm new in Windows 2008 Server Core environment. I had installed Windows 2008 Standard Edition Server Core on a Dell PE2950 server. The system has 4 NIC cards, 2 x Intel PRO/1000 and 2 x Broadcom NIC. I then created 2 Teaming using Intel ServerCore Script, i.e. Team0 consisted of 1 x Intel PRO/1000 + 1 x Broadcom NIC; Team1 consisted of 1 x Intel PRO/1000 + 1 x Broadcom NIC. Team0 was used for remote management; whereas Team1 was used for the External Network for the Guest OSs. Then I used the Hyper-V manager on another Windows 2008 Standard Full server to connect to the Server Core and tried to new virtual network but failed with the error "Error Applying New Virtual Network Changes - Setup switch failed. The switch could not bind to TEAM: Team1 because it is already bound to another switch." Some guys said virtual switch protocol should be disabled. However, there is no GUI to access the network protocol in Server Core environment.


Resolution: please refer to this post: Error in creating virtual network using Windows 2008


Case 6: I have two HP ML110 64-bit servers. I have installed Hyper-v on one of windows 2008 computers to run windows 2003 as guest for half year. Now, I try to install windows 2003 on another windows 2008 computer. The windows 2003 installs OK but it doesn't have network connection (it is empty in the Network Connection and only icon is New connection wizard).

The Network Adapter in the Hyper-V Settings is Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet - Virtual Network. I check the working computer and the network settings is the same.


Resolution: Please check this post: No network connection in win 2008 Hyper-V VM


Case 7: When trying to add external NIC in the Virtual Network Manager of Hyper-V, you may receive this message: "Error Applying Virtual Network Properties Changes. Setup switch failed. The WMI Task object tracking this operation's progress no longer exists".


Resolution: please check this page: http://www.chicagotech.net/server/hyper-v4.htm




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