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Troubleshooting Vista TCP/IP ...

Auto switch connection in a dual LANs
Can not get an IP address -
Can't receive IP from a DHCP
Solved: Double Connection with default gateway
Enable IP Routing in Vista
PC can't connect to the router because of TCP/IP settings
Public/Private Networks Multiple NIC
Switching from wireless to wired networking does not work
TCP/IP has reached security limit imposed on number
Dual Nic on Vista Business
Vista cannot obtain IP address or options from windows DHCP
Vista cannot obtain IP address or options from windows DHCP
Vista cannot obtain an IP address [solved]
Vista can't get IP from DHCP
Vista force to use wired instead of wireless
Vista LAN cable unplugged, but it does
Vista local only with default gateway
Vista Loses Static IP address when restarting
Vista no more connections available
Vista receives limited connectivity because of NIC speed
Vista registers old IP address when a NIC changed
Vista static works, DHCP does not work
Vista Unidentified Network because default gateway
Vista with 2 NICs doesn't work
Why do I have multiple IP addresses

Vista: Mac address keeps changing
: Mac address keeps changing ... for some reason my son's new Vista laptop changes MAC addresses ...

network adapter won't "acquire a ...

network adapter won't "acquire a network address" ... When that happens, the LAN icon in the tray shows "Acquiring network address". ...

Can't browser another XP computer because of node type
Situation: The client can't browse other workgroup computer (A) after install Verizon wireless.

Vista: registers an old IP address - hotfix
When the GUID of a network adapter changes on a client computer that is running Windows Vista, the computer registers an old IP address that was associated with the old GUID…

Vista: cannot obtain an IP address ...

Vista: cannot obtain an IP address from a router or DHCP, Reply with quote ...

Vista: Destination host unreachable

It seems to me you can't ping or receive Destination host unreachable because of IPv6. Try to disable the IPv6 and post back with the result. ...

Vista: Can't ping because Network ...

Vista: Can't ping because Network detection was disabled, Reply with quote ...

Vista computers can't ping each other ... Solved: Vista needs to renew IP whenever starting ... Info: Step by step troubleshooting VISTA sharing ...

Limited connectivity with ...

Solved: Limited connectivity with Vista notebook ... A135-S4427 Satellite notebook that was just released with Vista Home Premium, ...

Windows Vista Ping issues

Post Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:40 pm Post subject: Info: Windows Vista Ping issues, Reply with quote. 1. Can't ping the IP of computer running Vista. ...

Vista computers can't ping ...

Post Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:07 pm Post subject: Solved: Vista computers ... Problem: just setup some Vista here. We can see all of them in the Network. ...

Vista needs to renew IP ...

Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 5:51 am Post subject: Solved: Vista needs to renew IP whenever ... Vista works great for me except....everytime I start ...

Both alternate and static ...

Problem: When you change IP from an alternate IP address to a static IP address in Windows Vista, both the alternate IP address and the static IP address ...


After hibernate it can't ...

Post Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 6:03 pm Post subject: Vista: after hibernate it can't find my wireless network, Reply with quote ...

Vista needs to renew IP ...

Solved: Vista needs to renew IP whenever starting ... Vista works great for me except....everytime I start the computer up the system cannot connect to my ...

Vista: DHCP Fails


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