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Vista SP1 Issue and Troubleshooting Collections


1. If you receive a blue screen, it could be incompatible hardware issue. If you encounter an issue and would like to report the devices/driver bug to Microsoft you can do so using the Microsoft Beta Client tool. The tool is available for download at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=43655.

2. After installing SP1 things seem to go really slow, especially If it is old computer with less space and RAM.

3. After installing SP1, I have no sound and my DVD drive doesn't work. It could be the incompatible. Or you may try to re-installed driver.

4. After installing Vista SP1, a programs experiences a loss of functionality.

5. If you have a problem to install or uninstall SP1, try to disable firewall and antivirus as after restart firewall and antivirus.

6. After installing Vista SP1, you canít start the Vista with BSOD, try to turned off external hardware such as USB devices or even wireless using the physical switch. You may check if there is a new BIOS for the computer or firmware for the hardware.

7. Error Code 800706B5 on SP1 Failed Install. I got the same error. It could be a 3rd party software causing the problem. Try to disable it or start the Vista with clean boot.

8. Error Code: 0x80070005 when installing Vista SP1. You may try the the following commands:

cd %WINDIR%\System32

attrib -R spwizui.dll* /S

del %WINDIR%\System32\spwizui.dll*

attrib -R spinstall.exe* /S

del %WINDIR%\System32\spinstall.exe*

attrib -R spreview.exe

del %WINDIR%\System32\spreview.exe
9. Vista SP1 RC1 with this error: missing ntoskrnl.exe 0xc0000098. To fix:

Boot to a command prompt (select from F8 menu or use a boot disk) I used the vista install disk then selected Fix my computer then command prompt.

Run chkdsk C: /F (replace C: with your system drive)

My chkdsk found 3 indexing errors and fixed them


10. Internal error 0x8007000D when installing Vista SP1, you may try this commands:

1) Open "Computer"

2) Go to the drive where Windows is installed (typically C)

3) Double click the Windows directory

4) Double click the System32 directory

5) right click "cmd.exe" and select "Run as Administrator"

6) Accept any dialog boxes that come up

7) A black screen will appear allowing you to type. Type the following and hit enter (if the drive selected in 2 is not c, please replace c: with whatever the correct drive letter is)

chkdsk c: /R

8) chkdsk will ask you if you'd like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts. Press Y then enter

9) Reboot

10) When all of that is complete, try the installation again

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