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VPN Client Error Messages - Reason from 411 to 419

Reason 411: The remote peer does not support the required VPN Client protocol.

Troubleshooting: The remote peer is either not a Cisco device or it does not support the VPN Client protocol specification.

Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding.

Troubleshooting: 1. In many cases, this is due to loss of connectivity.  Make sure you can ping the remote peer, or check remote peer logs for why it is not responding to the client.
If you have your firewall turned on, there might be a rule that is preventing the connection from being established properly.  Disable your firewall and try again.
3. Please make sure the group name is exactly as the same as the VPN server group name.
4. Try disabling any firewall software on your PC.
Setting your MTU to 1300 or lower will prevent packets from being fragmented and therefore increase performance. To do that ,go to the Start>All Programs>Cisco Systems VPN Client>Set MTU.

Cisco VPN Client error - The remote peer is no longer responding.

Reason 413: User authentication failed.

Troubleshooting: Either the user entered wrong user authentication information, or the client was not able to launch the XAuth (user authentication) process. Case: Secure VPN connection terminated locally. Reason 413: user authentication failed

Reason 414: Failed to establish a TCP

Troubleshooting: The VPN Client was not able to establish the TCP connection for IPSec over TCP connection mode. Please try IPSec over UDP or straight IPSec. Please look at client logs for details.

Reason 415: A required component PPPTool.exe is not present among the installed client software.

Troubleshooting: Please make sure that ppptool.exe is present in the client installation directory (this is generally C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client. If this file is not present, uninstall and reinstall the client.

Reason 416: Remote peer is load balancing.

Troubleshooting: The peer has advised you to use a different gateway.

Reason 417: The required firewall software is no longer running.

Troubleshooting: The required firewall is not running.

Reason 418: Unable to configure the firewall software.

Troubleshooting: The peer sent an unrecognized firewall message.

Reason 419: No connection exists. This is an unexpected error.

Troubleshooting: Please check client logs for details.

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