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VPN Client Error Messages - Reason 430 to 436

Reason 430: Configured Maximum Connection Time Exceeded.

Troubleshooting: VPN Client has been connected for longer than allowed by the peer.

Reason 431:Configured Maximum Idle Time for Session Exceeded.

Troubleshooting: The VPN connection was idle for longer than the time allowed by the administrator.

Reason 432: Peer has been Rebooted.

Troubleshooting: The peer has been rebooted.

Reason 433: Reason Not Specified by Peer.

Troubleshooting: The peer gave no reason for disconnecting the tunnel.

Troubleshooting: In many cases, the VPN disconnect the connection. the Check the peer logs for details.

Reason 434: Policy Negotiation Failed.

Troubleshooting: Client and peer policies do not match. Try changing peer policies (try using 3DES, AES, and so forth) and then try again.

Reason 435: Firewall Policy Mismatch.

Troubleshooting: Firewall policies do not match with what was configured by the peer.

Reason 436:Certificates used have Expired.

Troubleshooting: The certificate used in the connection profile has expired. Update the certificate configured in the client profile, and then try again.

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