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Safe Mode is a very useful tool, especially for booting problem caused by hardware or software changes. If you experience some difficulties to start windows after install a hardware or software, use save mode to remove it. To run save mode, press down the F8 key just before Windows boots, and select Safe Mode.

Step-by-Step Affirmation is another useful troubleshooting tool.  You can exclude suspecting hardware or software settings while booting the OS.  To run the step-by-step affirmation, press down the 8) key just before Windows boots, select Step-by-Step Affirmation

MSCONFIG is only available in win98, ME and XP, but you can use XP version on W2K computer. msconfig can help you troubleshoot many  problems with your computer. it can also be used to ensure that your computer boots faster and crashes less. Start>Run and type msconfig.

System Restore  is a available in normal or safe mode. It allows you to undo recent registry and file changes by using information previously saved in restore locations. Windows 98 has a primitive Registry backup utility y called ScanReg that saves five days' worth of backups.  To restore a backup, run ScanReg from the DOS promote.  Windows 2000 and Me let you restore the "Last Known Good Configuration" from the Advanced Options Menu. Windows and Me have a motif Sophisticated restoration utility, Systems Restore: Select Start>Programs >Accessories>system tools. For XP, go to Help and Support, click System Restore under Pick a task. Then follow the instruction.

Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel can be used to install or uninstall programs. If you suspect a software is causing a problem, you may remove it in normal or safe mode. To open it, go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Last Known Good Configuration is a startup option to use when the system cannot start in normal or safe mode. Try that first if you can't start the computer and know it worked before some thing changes. You may be able to recover from most recent hardware and software changes made since you last started the computer. To do that, boot the computer, press space when Last Known Good Configuration.

Device Driver Roll Back is available in normal or safe mode. It allows you to restore an original device driver after you updated the driver and experience some difficulties. To run Device Driver Roll Back,

Recovery Console is a command-line tool that you can use to perform advanced troubleshooting operations. Administrator can use Recovery Console to attempt recovery operations manually.

Backup is a tool for saving data, such as the system state, before you troubleshoot problems, attempt workarounds, or apply updates. Backup (Ntbackup.exe) enables you to restore system settings and data if your troubleshooting attempts worsen the problem.

Automated System Recovery (ASR) is a Backup (Ntbackup.exe) option to use when boot and system files become corrupt, preventing your system from starting in normal or safe modes, or using Recovery Console. This option is more desirable than formatting disks and reinstalling Windows because ASR restores system settings and critical files on the system and boot partitions.

Tip 1: Safe Mode and Recovery Console do not resolve the start-up problem, consider using Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) option in Backup. You prepare the ERD before and use it to make basic repairs to the system files. Other troubleshooting method you can use if a computer fails to start properly is to create a parallel installation of Windows 2000. By installing a second copy of the operating system into a different folder or partition, you can select either installation at startup to troubleshoot the computer or recover data from the hard disk.

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