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Wireless Enterprise Certificate Issue - Resolution with screenshots

We are running Cisco 2100 AP and setup WPA Enterprise. It has been working fine using Thawte Certificate. Recently, we replaced Thawte with Go Daddy certificate. The SSL website  works fine as shown below.  

However, the Wireless doesn't work as shown below. The wireless laptop still sees the old Thawte certificate. All wireless laptops including new laptops have the same issue.

I think we may miss one settings, but what?

Resolutions: You may combine the following resolutions.

1. Download and install the server certificate in the Intermediate & Root Certificates of the Certificates (Local Computer) in IAS. Please refer to this link How to install certificates in IAS manually for more details.

2. If you have an expired certificate, you may want to delete it by following this steps: How to delete expired/archived certificate in Windows

3. If above resolutions don't fix the problem, you may do the same on client machine.

4. Upgrade IAS server from Windows 2003 to 2008.

5.You may want to uncheck valid in PEAP properties. his link may help.

How to: setup WPA Enterprise on wireless client - ChicagoTech.net

Situation: The cleint has Cisco wireless. The Authentication is using WPA
Enterprise, but they can't setup on the wireless client.  Solution: 1. ..



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