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NSLOOKUP receives non-authoritative answer

A1: You have received a non-authoritative answer because you are querying servers that are not authoritative for the zones. To ensure that you receive authoritative answers, you must point nslookup at one of the listed name servers.

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Q2: Hi, Thanks,
..but for ms4-04, it was supposed to be the local ip address. but it still gives me the foreign ip when i do a ping. and ms4-04 becomes ms4-04.msel.com instead of ms4-04.mselswd.msel.com. As you can see, it is correct in the nslookup (

A2: You have incorrect DNS settings.

A3: Put a period at the end of the query because it is suffixing your Search
Suffix. It seems Yahoo is using a wildcard entry, and the way your machine
gets around it is it uses it's search suffix. You can test this with a
machine without a suffix to see what I mean. I even got a reply by entering

> yahoo.com.
(notice the period at the end of it?)

That will force it to ONLY lookup yahoo.com without the search suffix.


Q3: Thanks, i've figured it out.
in the client, i've the put the 'mselswd.msel.com' in 'append these DNS
suffixes(in order)', and not the 'append primary and connection

Thanks again.

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Bob Lin Photography services

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