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Q1: How can I enable two concurrent sessions in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later?

A1. It seems Microsoft has removed the features in 2082; it requires 2055. I don't know why the article says "or later." You have to copy 2055's termsrv.dll over the new one in system32... http://members.lycos.nl/nessyh/files/term/termsrv.dll. Try using safe mode to do this, though you might want to also copy over the version in dllcache. Oh, and make sure to have Fast User Switching and the Windows logon screen enabled (the fancy-looking one.)

A2. I remember posting here before with nothing showing up... anyway, make sure you copy the termsrv.dll from 2055, and also make sure that Fast User Switching and the Welcome screen are enabled.

Q2: I tried this and it doesnt work. I downloaded my copy off TechNet. I have build 2096. Unfortunately this feature only applies to a particular beta (2052?). You must use the termsrv.dll from this version in order for the feature to work.

A3: If it is part of a domain, Fast User Switching is disabled, and therefore so is Concurrent Users.


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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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