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Issues of a multihomed computer with two gateways

Case 1: The client setup a Windows 2003 server with two NICs, one for Internet access one for the LAN connection. The server can access the Internet and LAN, but none of clients can access the Internet.

Troubleshooting: the WAN port connecting to the Internet uses x.x.213.1 as default gateway and the LAN uses as default gateway. The client access to the Internet never routes to the Internet. Removing the LAN default gateway fixed the problem.

Case 2: The XP Pro with two NICs, one for the Internet access and another one for accessing another Windows 2000 computer. The XP can access the Internet but not the W2K computer whenever he starts the XP. If he disable the Internet connection and re-enable it, he can access both, the Internet and LAN.

Troubleshooting: The Internet connection interface metric is lower # than the LAN interface metric. So that all traffics always go to the internet. After disabling and re-enabling, the routing table changed and the LAN traffics go to the LAN and Internet traffic go to the Internet gateway. After removing the default gateway fro m the LAN, it works fine.

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