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Top 10 Checklists of Group Policy Troubleshooting

1.       Which GPO applies to your client? - Run Gpresult.exe

2.       Have you refreshed the Group Policy settings? -  Run gpupdate /force if it is Windows 2003; secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy or user_policy /enforce if it is windows 2000.

3.       Do you have correct DNS settings? Run nslookup, Ping, Ipconfig to verify connectivity and DNS resolution.

4.       Have you checked the health of the Group Policy objects on domain controllers. Run GPOTool.exe

5.       Can users access the sysvol share on the domain controller? Check the permissions of the sysvol.

6.       Is AD replicating correctly? Turn on Replication events and check for the NTFRS database file to verify AD information and sysvol information are replicated via the file replication service (FRS).

7.       Have you made a change on the default policies that may be causing issues? It is recommended that the default policies are not changed.

8.       Are the accounts in the correct organizational unit (OU)?

9.       Are you connecting two networks via WAN links? A slow link may cause Relocation issue.

10.     Which is the client operating system? - Group policy is not available with legacy clients.

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