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An unexpected error occurred - Case closed.

Class not registered.

Having issues with  Window 2000 server  "Add/Remove programs" in the
control panel. When I go to the Add/Remove programs" in the control
panel it tells me I have no programs with tis error: “An unexpected error occurred. Class not registered. Res://appwiz.cpl/listbox.htc Line: 225”. I have a large boxed off area
by gray lines that is blank but right below this blank boxed off area
is  another boxed area where I can see all my programs. When I try and
remove anything the TS just kicks me out of the Add/Remove programs" in
the control panel. Any suggestions?


Found solution in http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;266668


When you install and uninstall programs, the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel may display the installed programs incorrectly. The Currently installed programs box may contain only a single text string, or may display a large blank space before the program entries. Other display problems may include that there are no listed programs. Additionally, one of the following error messages may appear:Message 1
An unexpected error occurred. Class not registered
Message 2
Object doesn't support this property or method res://appwiz.cpl/default.hta
Line: 75


This problem may occur if the uninstaller for a program incorrectly removes registry entries that are used by Windows and the Add/Remove Programs tool.


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