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1. Terminal Services Over a Virtual Private Network.

To use TS over VPN, normally you need to establish VPN using the VPN username and password first. Then logon TS. However, with a pre-setup, you can just one-click to run TS over VPN in just one minute. Click here to watch the demo.

2. Sharing Files Across the Internet

With IIS 5.0, you can share files, folders and collaborate on documents across the Internet. Click here to watch the demo.

3. Saving, Exporting and Self-installing VPN Client

If your users would like to use different computers to access your VPN server while they travel or you have many users, you may save or export the VPN client as self-installing package. The users can bring it with them or you can send the self-installing package as an attachment so that they can install VPN client by just double-click the self-installing. Click here to watch the demo.



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