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You can use net view \\computername command to test a network connection. Net view command will display a list of the file and print shares of a computer that is running Windows 2000 is generated by establishing a temporary NetBIOS connection.

If there are no file or print shares available on the specified computer, you receive a "There are no entries in the list." message. If the command (net view \\computername) does not work, use net view \\IP address of the remote computer. If net view \\ip works, but a net view attempt to the computer name does not work, the computer name may be resolving to the wrong address.

To list all computers are running on the network, type net view only (or net view /domain:domainname for each domain). That will show all computers.


If you can contact an Internet resource directly, but "Ping" the Internet IP gets  "Request Timed Out". That is because many organizations block the return of ICMP (ping) packets as a security measure.


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Bob Lin Photography services

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