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Cannot find TS licensing server

Q: The company is running Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Terminal Services. They have two issues. When accessing the 2003 TS, the logon screen takes over 15 second to show up. If there are more than 2 users accessing the 2003 TS, the third user will receive “The maximum number of connections was exceeded at the remote computer”.

1.     TS and TS licensing server are installed in the same 2003 server. The lsview doesn’t list any TS licensing server.
2.     If you open the Terminal Server Licensing, it shows “Finding servers… Connecting to \\apps\chicagotech.net. It never finds the apps server. There is not apps server in the network (They might remove this server from the network). After finishing the finding, there are two activated licensing servers listed, one is Windows 2000 server as 2000 TS licensing server and another one is Windows 2003 (also TS) as 2003 TS Licensing server.
3.     The 2003 TS Licensing shows they are using Temporary License.
4.     We modified the 2003 TS registry to point Licenseserver to itself (TS and TS license are the same server). That fixes the logon screen slow showing issue but not TS licensing issue.

Any suggestions?

A: It is slow because the client can't find the TS licensing server. The problem is they might install the TS licensing on apps server which is not available now. So, what you need to do is remove the apps from the TS licensing search list. You may have two option too do so.

1. Use regedit. Go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/MSLicense/Parameters

Modify the EntepriceServerMulti so that it points to the current TS licensing server.

2. Open Windows 2003 TS Configuration, click on Server settings. Select the Properties of License server discover mode. Check Use these license servers under License discovery method. Then type the current TS licensing server. 

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