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The TS limits two connections even the TS licensing server has been installed


Q: The company had a problem to transfer (2003) TS licensing server from one 2003 server to another 2003 server. I called MS support to activate and install the TS CALs in the new server. Now, the both TS and TS licensing server are started; the TS configuration displays per user license; the lsview also displays the TS licensing server (it also DC).


Problem: 1. it doesn’t allow more than 2 users logon.

2. If the third user tries to logon, he will receive “The maximum number of connections were exceeded at the remote computer”.

3. If you open the TS licensing server Tool, it takes 20 to 30 second to find the server. Even if I also assign IP address for the TS discovery method, it also takes over 20 second to find the server.

4. Even the TS licensing server displays the server is activated, but there is not temporary type licensing. (I think since there is no temporary license and the client can’t find the TS licensing server, it switches back to the administrative mode).

5. Domain name issue. They setup domain name as the same as the domain NetBIOS name. For example, the TS FQDN is server1.mydomain (no top level name .com or .local) while the domain NetBIOS is mydomain. So when you ping server1, it displays server.mydomain without top level name .com or .local.


I think it may be a name resolution issue or we may need to re-install the TS licensing server. How do you think?


A: We have seen some cases like this one. By the default, Windows 2003 assigns Maximum connections to 2 for Terminal Services. After installing the TS licensing server, this limitation hasn't been modified. You may need to madify it manually. To do that, open Terminal Services Configuration. Right-click on RDP-Tcp and select Properties. Click Network Adapter and select Unlimited Connections.

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