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Cannot disable my network connection.

It is not possible to disable the connection at this time

Q: I've recently formatted my C Drive to get rid of the tons of errors I had, I've just finished reinstalling everything.. it was a nightmare, anyway.

I'm using an Intel CT Gigabit network apparently, (Only just found that our after searching eight hours for a Driver. ) and I used a Router to receive my internet.. I didn't have this problem before the format. But if I right click and Disable the Local Area Connection it comes up saying this.

Error Disabling Connection:
It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support Plug-and-Play, or it may have been initiated by another user or system account.

I'm using Xp Home, SP1 on a 3hz Pentium 4. If you need any other information I'll supply it. Hope you can help.


A: There are many possibilities. Try these:

  1. Make sure you use TCP/IP only (no other protocols installed).
  2. Run Repair this connection if it is XP.
  3. Use netsh to reset TCP/IP configuration, for example, To reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, do "netsh winsock reset catalog". To reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, do "netsh int ip reset reset.log".
  4. Remove and re-install the NIC.
  5. Some files may be damaged, for example, you can try to re-create Catroot2 by following these steps: Start>RUN>cmd
    net stop cryptsvc
    ren %systemroot%\System32\Catroot2 oldcatroot2
  6. if above don't fix the problem, you can disable the connection using Device Manager or gpedit.msc.

To disable the connection through Device Manager, go to SETTINGS>CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>Device Manager>Network Adapters, right click on the device you want to disable and choose Disable.

To To disable the connection through gpedit.msc, open START>RUN>gpedit.msc

User Configuration>Administrative Template>Network>Network Connection, double-click on Ability to Enable/Disable LAN Connection, select Disable.

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6) Run Repair this connection if it is XP. Or use netsh to reset TCP/IP configuration.
7) If it is win98/w2k, remove and reinstall TCP/IP. ...



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