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Event id 13508 - The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication

FRS event ID 13508 is a warning that the FRS service has been unable to complete the RPC connection to a specific replication partner. It indicates that FRS is having trouble enabling replication with that partner and will keep trying to establish the connection. You may have three tourbleshooting option.

1. If you receive a single FRS event ID 13508 followed by FRS event ID 13509, which indicates that the problem was resolved. You donít need to take any action.

2. If you receive a single FRS event ID 13508 without other FRS errors, try these:
1) Make sure both FRS server have good connection.
2) Make sure that FRS is running on the remote computer. Type the following command at a command prompt on the computer that logged the FRS event ID 13508 and press ENTER:
ntfrsutl version <FQDN of remote domain controller>
If this fails, check network connectivity by using the Ping command to ping the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the remote domain controller from the computer that logged the FRS event ID 13508. If this fails, then troubleshoot as a DNS or TCP/IP issue. If it succeeds, confirm that the FRS service is started on the remote domain controller.
3) Check the networking, firewalls, DNS configuration, or Active Directory settings.
4) Determine whether anything between the two machines is capable of blocking RPC traffic, such as a firewall or router.

3. If you receive a FRS event ID 13508 with other FRS errors, troubleshooting the other errors first. You can use dcdiag to find other FRS errors.

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