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TS won't allow remote printing through RDP with Event ID 55

You may want to install the latest print driver or uninstall/reinstall it. This post may help too.
Server and Workstation drivers fail to start
was on 23/6/04, and the main significant event in between would seem to be: Event Type: Error Event Source: Ntfs Event Category: Disk Event ID: 55 ...

Bob Lin, Microsoft-MVP, MCSE & CNE
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> Greetings all,
>    We have a TS that, at one point, would allow remote printing through the
> terminal session, from any machine.
> At some point, it stopped allowing it, as if it were disabled in the TS
> Configuration - which it is not disabled.
>    We have disabled, then re-enabled in the past, without it being an
> issue.  This was due to some printing problem
> with a certain application, that was crashing on printing, when using remote
> printing.
>    Now, the server acts as if remote printing is disabled, and will not
> turn back on.  The event log on the server,
> shows error 55 when someone logs on with Printing checked in the Remote
> Desktop Connection program.
> It will list each printer from the client as a seperate event, stating that
> it does not allow Windows NT kernel drivers
> in each event (per printer that the client has).
>    I would say its a driver issue, but computers that worked before no
> longer work.
> Any ideas?

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