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VPN Connection is Slow

VPN slow issues
Client can log on but can't browse the LAN or browse the LAN slow

"The Network name is no longer available"
VPN drops the connection.
VPN is very slow.

VPN slow issues

Symptom 1: You experience extreme slow while accessing to remote resources over the VPN.

Cause: This could be the MTU issue.

Suggestion: How to determine the optimal MTU

How to determine the optimal MTU. In a case you may need to modify the MTU size and wonder how to determine the optimal MTU for your system. ...

Symptom 2: When running an application over the VPN, it takes over 10 minutes to open it.

Causes: 1. The application is written for a LAN no for a WAN.
2. The VPN client run the application using name instead of IP.

Symptom 3: Browsing the shared folders of remote computers is very slow, for example changing one folder to another it takes around 5 minutes.

Cause: Computer browser is involved NetBIOS and name resolution.

Suggestion: 1. Use IP instead of host name.

2. Use TCP/IP only.

Symptom 4: Browsing some shared folders is normal while others is very slow.

Cause: If the folder has too many subfolders and files, browsing may be slow.

Symptom 5: The download is very slow on VPN client after establishing the VPN.

Cause: The VPN Client may use the remote network gateway.

Suggestion: Change the default gateway from remote to local. To do this, go to properties of the VPN connection>Properties of TCP/IP>Advanced, uncheck Use default gateway on remote network.

Symptom 6: The client run Access over VPN. It takes over several minutes to open a database.

Suggestion: Setup Terminal Server running Access. Then have all VPN clients run TS over VPN.

Client can log on but can't browse the LAN or browse the LAN slow

1. It is better to set the workgroup to match the domain name on all Win9x clients.
2. You might not want your clients to browse if you have more than 15 or 20 nodes because browsing a large network over a slow dial-up connection can be extremely slow. Instead, predefining or manually mapping UNC connections to needed shares and resources after establishing the VPN.
3. Make sure you have correct IP, Default Gateway, DNS and WINS settings.



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