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RRAS/VPN Q and A collections

20049 Error on Server - 619 on Client
Access remote computer using hostname over VPN without WINS and lmhosts
 Accessing the Internet is low while connecting to a VPN

Add DNS suffix for VPN connection
 Adding a network place failure after VPN
Both sites are in the same IP range
Browsing over VPN
 Can I setup ICS using different IP range instead of
Can use IP but no name
 Can ping the RRAS server but other resources because of Office Scan client
Can't access the remote computer with Cisco VPN
 Canít access remote resources over XP VPN host
 Canít access RDC over VPN
Can't access the server after setup VPN
 Can't load pages from specific Web Sites
Can't ping remote computers
Can't see remote resources
Canít see remote computers on Network Neighborhood or Network Places
Can't see local LAN after established VPN
 Cannot access resources after establishing the VPN because of the same IP
 Cannot establish the VPN through Netgear RO318
 Cannot establish VPN with error 721 and 800
Connect 2 PC's on different subnets via a Win 2003 RRAS
 Connection to the remote computer was broken caused by network error
Disconnects with error 721
Do I need two NICs
Error 721 and error 800
Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated
How to backup/restore filter settings
How to backup RRAS settings
How to modify metric
How to setup VPN for two Windows servers
How to setup window 2003 as VPN server
How to use aps application to run VPN automatically
Internetworking Routing
Is it necessary to have different subnets in all the three locations
It takes 30 minutes to show up the server share
No more than one VPN connection
One NIC or two NICs in RRAS
One way route only in a VPN
PPPOE and Windows NAT issues
 Prompt for username and password when using VPN
RDC over VPN automatically
Remote access without installation
 Remote Desktop Disconnected
 Resolution for VPN server and client using the same IP range
Router to Windows VPN
Setup DNS suffix for the VPN connection
Take 20 minutes to be able to browse
The Network name is no longer available
 The VPN connection cannot be completed
The VPN client receives the same IP of the VPN server
 VPN did not work immediately after switching to T1 line
VPN doesnít work after 2003 SP1
 VPN Error 691

VPN name resolution and browsing
VPN server and client using the same IP but in different subnets
Where the VPN clients are supposed to look for DNS
 Which one, L2TP or PPTP, is better?

Windows limits two VPN outbound connections.
 Workstation cannot access remote resources via demand-dial VPN   

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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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