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Unable to connect to Enterprise wireless in Windows 8 with Event ID 2 - Resolution with screenshots

Event ID 2 and Reason-Code = 16 with screenshot

Situation: The client setup Enterprise Wireless using GoDaddy Certificate. Windows 8 laptop canít connect to company enterprise wireless.

Troubleshooting: We check the IAS and found vent ID 2.

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: IAS

Event Category: None

Event ID: 2

Date: 10/8/2012

Time: 10:55:56 AM

User: N/A

Computer: DEVICES1


User chicagotech\blin was denied access.

Fully-Qualified-User-Name = chicagotech.net/Users/Bob Lin

NAS-IP-Address =

NAS-Identifier = WLC2504

Called-Station-Identifier = 00-1e-4a-26-dd-f0:06Wireless

Calling-Station-Identifier = cc-af-78-1e-0c-db

Client-Friendly-Name = WLC2504

Client-IP-Address =

NAS-Port-Type = Wireless - IEEE 802.11

NAS-Port = 1

Proxy-Policy-Name = Use Windows authentication for all users

Authentication-Provider = Windows

Authentication-Server = <undetermined>

Policy-Name = All

Authentication-Type = PEAP

EAP-Type = <undetermined>

Reason-Code = 16

Reason = Authentication was not successful because an unknown user name or incorrect password was used.

Resolution: this is known issue when using GoDaddy certificate. The solution is unchecking Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate as shown below.

Or check this link:

Wireless Enterprise Certificate Issue - Resolution with screenshots

Wireless Enterprise Certificate Issue - Resolution with screenshots. We are
running Cisco 2100 AP and setup WPA Enterprise. It has been working fine using ...


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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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