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VPN Client Error Messages - Reason 420 to 429

Reason 420: The application was unable to allocate some system resources and cannot proceed.

Troubleshooting: The system ran out of memory. If you think the system has enough memory, reboot the machine and try again.

Reason 421: Failed to establish a connection to your ISP.

Troubleshooting: Failed to establish a dialup connection. View the client logs for details.

Reason 422: Lost contact with the security gateway.

Troubleshooting: Check your network connection. The machine's IP address changed or the machine is no longer connected to the Internet. Note: The VPN Client is required to disconnect the VPN tunnel for security reasons, if the machines IP Address has changed.

Reason 423: Your VPN connection has been terminated.

Troubleshooting: Either the user disconnected the VPN tunnel, or there was an unexpected error.

Reason 424: Connectivity to Client Lost by Peer.

Troubleshooting: Connection disconnected by the peer. Check the peer logs for details.

Reason 425: Manually Disconnected by Administrator.

Troubleshooting: Administrator manually disconnected the VPN tunnel.

Reason 426: Maximum Configured Lifetime Exceeded.

Troubleshooting: The VPN Client exceeded the maximum configured lifetime for a session. This value is configured on the peer (head−end) device.

Reason 427: Unknown Error Occurred at Peer.

Troubleshooting: Peer disconnected tunnel. Check the peer logs for details.

Reason 428: Peer has been Shut Down.

Troubleshooting: Peer was shut down.

Reason 429: Unknown Severe Error Occurred at Peer or
Reason 429: Unable to resolve server address.

Troubleshooting: 1. It could be the network issue. Make sure you can access the Internet.

2. It could be the cable issue.

3. If you can access the Internet, it could be DNS issue.

4. Also check the peer logs for details.

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