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Hyper-V VM issues

An attempt to initialize the virtual machine saved state failed ...

Can't install OS on VM in Hyper-V

Cannot remote to VM's from host
Canít start Hyper-V VM - Case collections
Can't start one of VMs with Event ID 12140, 12010 and 12030 ...

Can't start Virtual Machine in Hyper-V after changing the drive letter

Cause Found: Hyper-V Lost Communication with all VMs
Converted VM is black screen
Disk2vhd Error during copy: The parameter is incorrect
Export/import in Hyper-V 2008 moving VM to new SAN

Hyper-v guest cannot see host but can
Hyper-V: boot failed EFI scsi device
Hyper V Machine unable to access external network ...

Hyper-V VM can't access the Internet

Hyper-V VM failed to start - General access denied error ...

Hyper-V VM failed to start with "The system cannot find the file ...

Import Failed. Unable to find virtual machine import files ...

MS VM Converter is unable to contact Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V
No x64-based UEFI boot loader was found

Permission issue after converting DC to VM

Troubleshooting failed import an exported Hyper-V VM

Unable to remove Hyper-V VM

'Unnamed VM' Failed to Initialize
Virtual Machine Configuration Failed Issues in Microsoft Failover ...

Virtual Machine Manager Issues

VM blue screen case collections

VM disappears from the Hyper-V Management Console


VM Failed to Power On with 0x80070037


VM failed to start with Event ID 12140, 12010, 12030


VM not recognizing virtual network adapter


Yellow exclamation on Microsoft VMBus Network Adapter





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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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