PA firewall and Azure Site to site VPN shows connecting forever

Situation: The client configured their Palo Alto firewall connecting to Microsoft Azure site to site VPN. However, it shows “Connecting” forever.

Troubleshooting: It is preshare key problem. We fix it by running these commands:

PS C:\Users\blin> add-azureaccount

Id Type Subscriptions Tenants — —- ————- ——- User 3d083292-8d49-4ef7-8c72-e54522b52126 {488899b5-4a4a-48b1-a1cf-8a1229d32267}

PS C:\Users\blin> Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionId 3d083292-8d49-4ef7-8c72-e54522b52126

PS C:\Users\blin> Get-AzureVNetConfig -ExportToFile “C:\Users\Public\Downloads\networkconfig.xml”

XMLConfiguration —————- …

PS C:\Users\blin> Set-AzureVNetGatewayKey -VNetName ‘Group TestVPN Test’ `

>> -LocalNetworkSiteName ‘498DEBEF_AzuretoOnprem’ -SharedKey asjdfojweioreroihew

Error : HttpStatusCode : OK

Id : b0f50fe7…..

Status : Successful RequestId : ea98d58a3b75a8bf96….

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